Web site mistakes that’ll drive your customers away!

Designing a website has become a child’s play and it is challenging as well. The competition is on the rise and you never know when you’ll be knocked down by someone and when someone would overtake your work. But the message that you want to deliver to your customers need to be sent and conveyed in a right way. There are mistakes that make a mess on your website and then drives the customers away. While you are creating a design for your website or you are hiring some other web designer,  make sure you check them thoroughly and rule out the issues and bugs that’d become a tool for changing and diverting the customers from your web site.

  1. Making it really cool!

This wouldn’t be of any help. If you are really making and trying to make a change ensure that you stick to the point and display the message about the services and the products clearly. With the vision and aim of making your web site a catchy and a cool one, many times forget that the message would not reach the audience. The people and the visitors would remember your site and its catchy features, but they’ll end up missing out the actual part and they’ll forget the services and the products.

  1. Visuals and the on page optimization!

With the verge of excitement and overwhelm, you’d actually end up putting too many things on the page and this would not be a good sign to attract audience. There shouldn’t be many things and the graphics, visualization and everything that goes on the page needs to be measured.

  1. Final testing is very important!

With the hurry to launch the new site in the market, you’d miss out the final tests that’s very important. Testing the site on various devices is very crucial in order to know how they react and whether they are responsive or not. If it is not responsive, you need to check and make the changes for making it responsive and fix so that it adjusts any screen size and resolution.

  1. Don’t miss anyone who comes to your site!

Be it the potential customers or just a simple visitor, many website developers forget to get the contact details from the user. This will help you collect data and it’ll help you get back to them while on the track when needed. You can have a thread or a link collected from them so that you can stay in touch with them and it’ll also help them to get in touch with you.

If you are planning to hire a professional web designer,  make sure you check these details before launching them.


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