How to get people to like your website

Developing a website is easier these days. But getting the ranking and getting  identified by the search engine, falling under the approved sections is not easier. You should be genuine and something different in order to reach the top and get recognized by the  viewers. But how do you get them to like your website? You must have got hundreds of strategies that you’d have been working on tirelessly, but following are some of the tried and tested strategies that’d prove the result. You’ll definitely see a rise in the likes and have huge number of fan followers.


Attractive, interesting and inevitable content! :- How do you write this? The content should be real and incredible. There should be no similarities and copies from any corner of the world. Visualize what you write and write from the reader’s perspective.

Making is common! :- You could leave a mark of your work everywhere. You could try writing guest posts. Create videos and upload the same. Try podcasts and upload them for a change. Do everything you can in order to fetch more likes and views.

Why should I be here? :- The question’s answer is something that the audience would wish  to know. You should answer them precisely with words that are to the point and compelling too.

Making the viewer subscribe! :- When a new viewer visits your site, you should have them coming back to your site. How’d you do this? You should make them subscribe to your site and this would help you  have the, coming back to your site every now and then.

SEO :- This is one of the most powerful tools that you can use for retrieving traffic and more likes. A good analyst would do the job!


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