A freelancer or a well-established company for designing a website

When you are a startup, cash crunch is something inevitable and you’d find ways to cut corners in order to save money for the important work. Tools and features that are redundant are excluded and thus making way to the fresh and advanced features. When you are launching a new product or a business in the market, you need to have a website for making it recognizable by the audience.

When you don’t have a website, how’d you reach your target audience? Majority of the population live in internet and thus internet and the online marketing has become vital for any type of business.

To forbade and overcome the cash crunch and to have the expenses within the limit, there is big question on whether you could hire freelancer for a web design or you should approach a web design company in professional? There are pros and cons for both, however, when you are sure that you can get the work done from a freelancer and have all the trust on the work and the output, you can easily invest and rely on the freelancer itself.

But when you are unsure about the outcome and the quality of a freelancer, you should not take a risk and get yourself drowned and bowled with the freelancer. Rather, you should approach a web design company for all the assistance you need in the course of time for developing a website.

The services rendered by the professional and the well-established companies are something you can be assured of and the quality of these work and services are remarkable. Furthermore, the cost of these developments would be half the range when you get the work done by the freelancer than from a company.

The aftermath support that the companies provide is remarkable however; there is not much support that you would get when you hire a freelancer. The companies ought to do all the things because it is the reputation of the company and they would not want to have a remark on it. Thus, the technical support is very good when you get the site developed by a company.

There might be some hidden charges or extra charges that you will have to pay if you get the work done from the company. The freelancers would not charge such hefty sum even if there were a breakdown in the system as it is the responsibility of the freelancer alone to manage all the technical errors.

The services should include all that your website requires and you should not be working on it all again approaching the experts and other technicians. You should get it done at one stop.


Things you must know before choosing a web design company

For any business, websites are an essential and most important tool. But when you walk along the lane, you’d find it more time consuming and money consuming. You cannot get the website designed in a short time at a minimal rate. The more you pay for it, the more you’ll find the quality in it. But you can try to get the website designed by a company by mentioning your requirements and then explaining about the cost. The budget could be kept in mind and you’d want some customization of the site, that would suit up to your requirement.

When you are new to the industry, you’d not know many things and when you are getting the web design services  from a company, you would not know many things and it could be really tricky to find the genuine web design service provider. We have  a short guide that would help you in finding a genuine web design company who will consider the work as the very own and work with dedication.

  • Is the company famous and established?

The experience of the company and the year it was established matters  a lot. The quality of the work can be, measured by the experience of the company itself. The portfolio needs to be checked and then the number of clients the company has worked with. These things will give you a rough idea about the genuinity and the authenticity of the company and will help you decide,  whether you can go ahead or not.

  • Charges and the monetary terms!

This should be your second concern. When you are approaching a service provider or a company for the development and designing of the website, you need to have a rough idea on how much you are going to pay the company or you have a budget within which you are going to get the project done.

Web site development for your business!

The year 2016 has been a year of the startups. There were ample of enterprises that were registered and there were numerous innovations and ideas that evolved. Amid these, the competition crammed up and there is an even more tougher competition for this year. Online business and online presence are very important for any company or business to flourish in term of ROI and profit margin. You cannot expect the scaling up of the profit margin with just the offline sales and offline market. You need to get into the game and begin the race for you to stay ahead of your competitors.

Until you get into the game, you will certainly not know where exactly you are sailing in the industry. There are various website development companies who provide the web services and also deal with the issues of the web. If you have a website that is outdated and needs some renovations done, approach a company that would help you do this and fix up all the latest tools and technologies onto your website. And if you do not have one, go ahead and give it  a shot. You will never regret doing it. If you can do it on your own and if you know the in and out of the website development, you can save a good sum of money that will go for the development. However, if you have no updated knowledge on the latest tools and technologies, it would be better you spend some money , get it done and then you can get that money back with your growing business.

Your online web presence and visibility is very important as you can reach a huge number of audience with it. You can also reach your targeted audience and convert them into potential customers.

Risk with the traditional website designing services

Designing a website might sound easier with the advancement in the tools and technologies, but how do you develop a traditional website? Do you think the traditional website is going to cost you less and it will be done at a lesser time? Absolutely not. There are more risks and exposure to vulnerability when you take up the traditional website designing. When you have the traditional website design, you probably do not have any updates and advancement in the plug-ins and add-on that makes it prone to the risks. There could be numerous hazards and this comes when you have the old design clinging on to your website for a couple of years until you find it suitable and feasible for redesigning it and making it look pleasing.

Following are some of the risks that you’ll have to face when it comes to the traditional website design.

  • Hefty sum for the development:- When you are trying to create a website, you’ll have to shell out a hefty sum for the site alone. This is for the traditional website. When you have invested the amount and are trying to develop and half the way you find it difficult to invest more, you cannot turn back and call quits. You will have to move ahead or go back home with the empty sack!
  • Out of your budget:- Even after the designing, if you want to make the changes and if you wish to have a re-design, how’d you do that? You’ll not have any approximate value as you will have so many things to do. It will certainly cross the budget and sometimes would reach extremes.
  • Extra time:- Consumes much time comparatively and thus you will not know when it will be done.

How do you select a web design company?

There are some criteria that you need to keep in mind while selecting a web design company. You cannot just randomly select a company and then hand over your project to them without doing any research, investing a huge sum and then find the company a fraud.

In order to rule out any spam and fraudulent act, and in order to get the best services from the service provider, you need to do some research and get the answers. Then you can decide or shortlist the names with whom you want to work with.

crystal-post-photo14Find out how many clients does the company have worked with. The experience of the company speaks a lot about their work. You can check this out with the portfolio too. The testimonial and client’s feedback are also very important. When you check out the year of its establishment, and the years it has worked for, you can actually measure how stable and strong the company is. The quality of the design and the product can also be measured by the experience of the company in the field. The deadline sand time-frames are very important and the portfolio should convey the punctuality and regularity with the submission of the projects.

Another major aspect that you should be looking out for is the number of employees who are working in the company. The number of employees will give you a clear idea about the popularity and the demand of their services. People will approach companies that offer incredible and remarkable work and with the number of employees, you can find out how well established, this company is before handing over the project to the company. Costing is also a major concern and you will have to talk about it with the budget that you have kept for the project.

How to get people to like your website

Developing a website is easier these days. But getting the ranking and getting  identified by the search engine, falling under the approved sections is not easier. You should be genuine and something different in order to reach the top and get recognized by the  viewers. But how do you get them to like your website? You must have got hundreds of strategies that you’d have been working on tirelessly, but following are some of the tried and tested strategies that’d prove the result. You’ll definitely see a rise in the likes and have huge number of fan followers.


Attractive, interesting and inevitable content! :- How do you write this? The content should be real and incredible. There should be no similarities and copies from any corner of the world. Visualize what you write and write from the reader’s perspective.

Making is common! :- You could leave a mark of your work everywhere. You could try writing guest posts. Create videos and upload the same. Try podcasts and upload them for a change. Do everything you can in order to fetch more likes and views.

Why should I be here? :- The question’s answer is something that the audience would wish  to know. You should answer them precisely with words that are to the point and compelling too.

Making the viewer subscribe! :- When a new viewer visits your site, you should have them coming back to your site. How’d you do this? You should make them subscribe to your site and this would help you  have the, coming back to your site every now and then.

SEO :- This is one of the most powerful tools that you can use for retrieving traffic and more likes. A good analyst would do the job!

Web site mistakes that’ll drive your customers away!

Designing a website has become a child’s play and it is challenging as well. The competition is on the rise and you never know when you’ll be knocked down by someone and when someone would overtake your work. But the message that you want to deliver to your customers need to be sent and conveyed in a right way. There are mistakes that make a mess on your website and then drives the customers away. While you are creating a design for your website or you are hiring some other web designer,  make sure you check them thoroughly and rule out the issues and bugs that’d become a tool for changing and diverting the customers from your web site.

  1. Making it really cool!

This wouldn’t be of any help. If you are really making and trying to make a change ensure that you stick to the point and display the message about the services and the products clearly. With the vision and aim of making your web site a catchy and a cool one, many times forget that the message would not reach the audience. The people and the visitors would remember your site and its catchy features, but they’ll end up missing out the actual part and they’ll forget the services and the products.

  1. Visuals and the on page optimization!

With the verge of excitement and overwhelm, you’d actually end up putting too many things on the page and this would not be a good sign to attract audience. There shouldn’t be many things and the graphics, visualization and everything that goes on the page needs to be measured.

  1. Final testing is very important!

With the hurry to launch the new site in the market, you’d miss out the final tests that’s very important. Testing the site on various devices is very crucial in order to know how they react and whether they are responsive or not. If it is not responsive, you need to check and make the changes for making it responsive and fix so that it adjusts any screen size and resolution.

  1. Don’t miss anyone who comes to your site!

Be it the potential customers or just a simple visitor, many website developers forget to get the contact details from the user. This will help you collect data and it’ll help you get back to them while on the track when needed. You can have a thread or a link collected from them so that you can stay in touch with them and it’ll also help them to get in touch with you.

If you are planning to hire a professional web designer,  make sure you check these details before launching them.